December 19th and 20th

As we bring to closure our history unit, here are the expectaions:

Create a plan for the group.  The Plan includes…

  • A ‘mission’ statement that will guide the group’s presentation of history of 9/11 that: 
    • States the purpose of the history [Yes, this is your thesis]
    • Considers the needs of the intended audience
    • Addresses the challenges with the material
    • Considers appropriate word choice
    • Acknowledges the counter-arguments of other historians
    • Explores the possible implications if history were written like the group intends to write its history

 Mission statements will include a quotation from a model history as an example.  Commentary will explain how the example history meets the ideal criteria established in the mission statement.  All of the above is in a single paragraph.

Your presenation will incorporate a physical product that:

  • Begins with the group’s mission statement paragraph
  • Clarifies the scope of your history including the beginning, middle, and end you wish to include.
  • Demonstrates the visual elements your group considers essential
  • Includes the thoughts of each historian in the group
    • Student thoughts are attributed
    • Includes works cited
    • Is not plagiarized

 On Friday, the presentation allows all group members to share in the explanation while it also:

  • Explains the mission/vision of the group
  • Shows [visually] the product draft
  • Clarifies the limitations inherent in the group’s plan

 Listeners (on Friday) will plan to write an individual reflection.  In it, they will:

  • Self-evaluate one’s own group
  • Consider the merits of each group
  • Weigh the several presentations and selects an ideal product from the many

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