IB Essay Upload

To clarify –

  1. I really appreciate students who have uploaded their essays to IB already (see below).
  2. If you have yet to do so, please complete and submit to me a printed version of the TK/PPF form so that you can upload it to IB.  Forms are due before the end of class Monday.
  3. If you are one of the 30 or so who have yet to submit an essay to IB, please upload yours by Tuesday evening March 8th at 7pm.  I need to verify your work by March 10th. For your IB Essay upload, you will need to do the following steps.
    1. Once you have uploaded your essay to IB, please submit an identical version to turnitin.com.
  4. There are no penalties for essay submissions before Tuesday at 7pm.

Prior to upload, you will need to:

  • remove your name and any heading from your essay and the heading in your essay
  • make sure that at the top of your essay you have written the title number and prescribed title you are responding to in your essay.
  • It is best if you can make your essay double-space, 12 point font, Ariel font.  These are preferred by evaluators.
  • Include the word count at the bottom of your essay (don’t fudge the numbers, they will know!)
  • make sure that you do NOT
    • leave your name on your essay
    • write a Title at the top of your essay
    • have a cover sheet
    • mistype, paraphrase, or generalize the wording of the title(prompt)

Your essay will be loaded at candidates.ibo.org .  In order to get in, you will need to use your pin.  If you were in class Friday, you received your pin.  If not, Mrs. Lund now has the list with your pin.  Please ask her for the list.  When you are done, you will need to submit THE SAME VERSION OF YOUR ESSAY  to www.turnitin.com.

Afterward, you will need to also submit EMAIL to me a printed DIGITAL version  of your TK/PPF document you’ve been using to track your progress.  I will write on the back portion of the document to verify what you’ve submitted is accurate. AND THEN I can upload your document simply.

After that, I will return the form to you and you will upload a scanned version of your TK/PPF document you’ve been using to track your progress.


Your final peer editing [your 3rd] is for fluency –

Here’s your assignment for Thursday, February 13th.

  1.  Have an editor read your work for these items.
  2. Incorporate any useful suggestions into your work.
  3. Submit, to Mr. Braman, a paper version of these changes either today during class or tomorrow at the beginning of the class.
  4. Upload your essay to both turnitin.com and IB.

Essay Reminders – Fluency – You only get one first impression – your first sentence must be free from errors!  It should also be interesting.

Be concise – avoid linking verbs – ‘is’ ‘was’ ‘are’ ‘were’ – use active voice.  Change “Plato is arguing” to “Plato argues”.  Change “The purpose that Bogue had in creating this document was to show…” to “Bogue published this document intending to…”.   The one acceptable situation is when you must define terms.

Be economical – avoid listing two things with ‘and’…  are you really discussing both?

Be precise – “Thus” or “Therefore” mean that a necessary result follows.  Far too often, students use ‘thus’ when they really mean ‘and’.  Do you need ‘very’ ‘really’, etc?  Pick a better word than the word that follows.

Avoid runons – Try to have less than four ideas in a sentence.  Do you need several prepositional phrases to elaborate on the concept?

Avoid figurative language – especially using mixed metaphors like…“It is the key that provides the foundation upon which other ideas may be known.”


  • avoid overuse of simple conjunctions
  • avoid contractions [i.e. can’t]
  • If your sentence begins with “if”, then you need a comma before the word ‘then’.

For your essay process, you should realize…

that your work will be evaluated based on the effort and changes you make with your finished product.  All students (even those who have previously submitted the essay for evaluation in the fall) should be making substantial changes.  Only those few (three) students who earned a 30 or above on the first essay are exempt from making substantial changes to their work.  Please don’t think that sticking with the same (difficult) prompt exempts you from needing revisions to your initial draft.  Your grade will be determined with these two things in mind:

  •  the quality of peer editing you seek out
  • and the quality of the changes you have made based on that feedback.

Finished products are due prior to your departure on break [even if you leave early or unexpectedly].  We will upload essays on February 14th.

IB Presentation Rubrics

Will be distributed Monday, March 26th in class.  This rubric will be used to assess the presentations of all TOK students (Diploma Candidates or otherwise). If you’d like to see it earlier, click here. Additionally, there will be additional points distributed for the Quality of the Presentation – all students will be expected to present an engaging, well-organized, and practiced presentation that is ready on March 26th [regardless of assigned/scheduled date].