Working with a Paraprofessional

Here are some resources for my presentation today:

My PowerPoint deck: Great Teamwork – working with a paraprofessional

Presentation Notetaking Organizer: Tips for working with Paraeducators 

Discussion activity – Roles and Responsibilities of Paras and Teachers

Comparing Teacher and Paraeducator Roles and Responsibilities

Scenario for discussion



Jenny, a new paraprofessional, was hired 2 days before the school year began. She was assigned to a student in your 4th period, Peter, who is transitioning from an LRCII classroom into general education classes.  On her first day she shadowed a para who supported Peter for part of her schedule. The para gave her some handwritten notes she had taken while supporting him. The Dean of Students provided her with Peter’s class schedule and a copy of his Individualized Education Program (IEP). Among other things, the IEP identified the following responsibility for the para assigned to work with him:

 Assist with instructional interventions developed by the teachers to meet his identified learning needs.

As Jenny continues to support Peter throughout the week, she discovers that teachers in each of Peter’s classes use different approaches and methods when working with Peter.

Jenny explains that she is worried that Peter’s learning goals are not being met. She’s also expresses concerns that the teachers have different expectations about what her role in their classroom should be.

  1. What steps would you encourage Jenny to take in this situation?






  1. What opportunities arise from Jenny’s concerns?