Final Pre-ToK makeup Time!

The topic you missed was Time.

What is Time?  How is Time known? How do we understand Time?  How would a physicist, a mechanic, a musician, an historian, and an artist understand Time differently?

Since we missed you, your assignment is as follows:

  1. Read the article about the role of metaphor and consider the blog thread following the article.
  2. Consider the implications for what you think. What do you think time is?
  3. Brainstorm and write a list of 10 phrases with the word Time in them… how are these definitions different understandings?
    1. Group the 10 phrases by those with similar metaphorical understandings of what time is
  4. Read the prologue of Einstein’s Dreams and then choose at least four entries to read (and write about).
    1. For each entry that you read, list the date it occurs on (this is the chapter ‘title’) and your thoughts about the entry. Be sure to list how Time is fundamentally different in this dream world.
  5. Then, write your own entry about one person (you?) who is living in a world where time is different (from the entries you read and from our current world). Send me your answers to #2, 3, 4, and 5.  Please know that I will share/publish your story to others (so make it good!).  It does not have to be long.  Use any of the entries in Einstein’s Dreams as models for length.

This is due before Memorial Day.  Email your assignments to both Ms. Maners and to Mr. Braman.