Year 1 ToK – OPcVL practice

I am sorry you missed Pre-ToK this morning.  I hope you are not ill.  This morning we finished the final session of Pre-ToK Session #2. Below is your makeup assignment. Please note the due date is March 27th.

In order to practice the skills we worked on and discussed in class this morning, please do the following steps.

Step 1: View this OPCVL Powerpoint and take notes on either a sheet of paper or this OPcVL worksheet. Take notes on the OPcVL and add details on the back about length and suggestions for the IA source analysis. Save the text for later use as you get closer to your due dates for the IA submission.

Step 2: Print out and read this telegram from Joseph McCarthy and the response from President Truman: McCarthy Telegram and Truman Response. Take notes literally on each document as you fill in a bulleted list of the OPcVL literally on each side of the paper.

Hints: McCarthy Telegram – What was the historical context of this text? (you know this)

Hints: President Truman Response – What do you make of the differences in handwriting and the line through the document? (you might have to ask others who were in Pre-ToK)

Step 3: Open a Word/Google Document and write a good IA Research Question to drive your analysis of either document.

Step 4: Write an OPcVL of 400 words or less using your quality Research Question.

Step 5: Go to and Join the class below.  Then, submit your OPcVL and research question under the assignment Pre-ToK March Assignment.  Please note the due date is March 27th.

pretok class

Anyone who fails to submit their research question and OPcVL by March 27th will need to do the above steps and then show the work to Mrs. Maners.  IF she is feeling magnanimous, she may choose to accept late work.  If she will not do so, you may speak to Mr. Wilder and beg for forgiveness.

Mr. Braman