Mathematical Friday

In case you find yourself practicing your capitalistic takeover of the State [Good LuckDECA kids!], linked below is what we read in class on Friday, March 2 before our exam.  Please do read  What Euclid Did and mark it up – there are a lot of interesting mathematical concepts introduced into the conversation.  These mathematical things would likely be included on your final exam (in June).

Additionally, we spent time checking that students have submitted your ToK essay to submission 3 in .  I have read nearly 3/4 of the essays… but there are still 25 or so students who have not submitted an essay that has been peer edited and polished. So………………………. please double-check to make sure you have an essay with a score above 8 in the revision #2 [if you got a 1 or a 2, you had asked for more time] OR you have done what is correct and submitted into revision #3.

Realize that I’m not giving comments on papers submitted into the first assignment – that was the draft that you were submitting for PEER feedback and then were to revise your work based on that feedback.

Please check to see that you have followed the correct process.turnitin-process.png