For today… and Final Exam Prep…

I hope your weekend went well.  Unfortunately, my Vikings lost to the Eagles and the other team that shall not be named won as well (with some help).

As for your project, if you have finished, submit your work and then start on the next step…

Today in class, rather than just shopping online, you should consider some of the things we have studied earlier in the first part of the semester.  Your test will involve three parts.  For guidance on the second and third parts, link here:

  1. Multiple choice on the Semester guide below.
  2. A reading based on the economic crisis of 2008 (where you critically read)
  3. And a response to the article’s argument (in a paragraph or similar written task)

That would include this essential (but not comprehensive) below [linked here in handout form]Semester 1 Study Guide:

  • Ways of Knowing Unit:
    • Descartes – Cogito Ergo Sum
      • God
      • “evil genius”
    • Immanuel Kant
      • a priori, a posteriori
        • Cause/effect, reciprocity
        • Necessity, Possibility, existence
      • Locke
        • Reflection/ Sensation/ Experience
      • Plato: Allegory of the Cave
        • Chains, prisoners, shadows, sun, statues, vessels, puppeteers, fire, raised way
        • The Good
        • Theory of Forms
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Gestalt Theory
      • Matrix
      • Skepticism
      • Metaphysics

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