Monday, January 8th

Today, in class, you have been tasked with learning more about an economic sub-issue: crypto currency.  As you learn more, consider how the things you are wondering fit into our ToK exploration.  Please do consider the sources you find, record the knowledge questions you stumble into, and add quotations from knowledgeable sources that would be helpful to inform your opinions.  I will recommend a starting place, but your path may go anywhere you’d like from there.

When you arrive at class Tuesday, please bring a cohesively-written paragraph that includes charts/graphs and other support for your personal journey into and analysis of one of the numbered questions below.  We will have a graded discussion on the topic.

Depending on your level of understanding, you may need to begin at the beginning:

and then work from there to more complex ideas like…

  1. In what ways does crypto currency expose limitations of human nature?
  2. What ways of knowing are most involved in making a decision whether or not to invest in a crypto currency?
  3. What are the ethical implications of using a crypto currency?

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