Human Sciences: Intro to Econ

Begin your research into a subset of Economics.  Pick something you have NOT studied – something you don’t know much about (but are interested in).  What do you want to learn about?  Consider one of the following:

  • Tax Reform
  • The Stock Market
  • Carbon Tax
  • the distribution of wealth

Once you’ve figured out a subject to study, start asking yourself (and writing down) the central knowledge questions inherent within this field?  Some questions that came up in our discussions today included:

  • How do we conduct experiments to test economic theory?
    • What are the limitations of experimenting in the Human Sciences?
    • What insights do models and simulations give us?
    • Can we make a model that doesn’t have assumptions?
  • Can we make an economic decision that does not reflect our ethical values?
  • When we say “the money needs to come from somewhere…” we are operating with assumptions.  What are they?

Today, do some research into a subset of Economics and track your thinking (and especially the sites and sources you have consulted in that process).

If you’re stuck, consider this subset: How do you improve an economy?  What factors are involved?  Start your research here.


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