Can you spot a lie?

We will be taking a test in class on Microexpressions.  How valid are they?

Here’s an article from the American Psychological Association and a visual overview of what could be seen as expression of emotions.  Also, you can further improve your skills by learning from this youtube video…

Your homework is to find one example in your experience.   You may first learn about micro expressions (see above) and then…

  • recognize an example of lying in your experience
  • document what you learned and the visual cues that led you to this conclusion.

Here’s added info for your future research (just for fun), here’s a blog post from Goleman himself explaining the origin, the journey, and the significant impact of Emotional Intelligence in our global society.  Check out the links to enhancing emotional intelligence… and if we talk about effective leadership,  What role might emotional intelligence play in making one an effective leader?  Here’s what the Harvard Business Review had to say on the matter.

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