Seniors –

It’s hard to say goodbye.  You shall be missed.

Congratulations on making it through your final year here at Skyline.  You have impressed me with your humor, wisdom, and insights.   Grades are now updated from the several assignments I collected in the last month.

IF you would like to collect your final, stop by my office today after school and grab it.  If you’d prefer, I will be in the commons for a brief spell tomorrow.  Check the Skyline web page for the times.

Enjoy your summer.  You’ve earned it.

Mr. Braman

ToK Art Day Reminders

Please be sure that you:

  • have had your project approved by Mr. Braman
  • that Mr. Braman knows where your project
  • monitor your project and ensure it is not a safety hazard or contains graffiti
  • have a photo of your project after you put it up
  • make observations of others interacting with your art