ToK Art Day is Friday, 6/2

Yes, several of you have an outing to Silverwood that day, but there are ways to solve that.  Speak with me.  For those of you here that day, the handout instructions were distributed in class.  Be sure to follow them to do a great job (and also to not fail the project).  Guerilla art 2017  All students should have submitted an Art Proposal in class.

Guerilla art is a fun and stealthy way of sharing your vision with the world. It is a method of art making which entails leaving anonymous art pieces in public places. It can be done for a variety of reasons, to make a statement, to share your ideas, to foster discussion within a community, to send out good karma, or just for fun. Guerilla artists often have a belief in the importance of making art without attachment to the outcome. They do something that has nothing to do with making money, listening to the ego, or earning praise.


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