IA Presentations

Remember, if you are presenting, you have a few details to finish prior to your presentation.

  1. At least one day before your presentation, you should present your the IB rubric and script in hardcopy to Mr. Braman.  You know there will be a presentation skill rubric applied – Mr. Braman has these ToK IA Presentation Rubric for Presentation Skills 2017
  2. Your group should finish its managebac submission regarding the connection between the real-life scenario and your Knowledge Question(s).
  3. You should bring your presentation notes and keep these each day.  You will be responsible for documenting relevant discussion and knowledge questions (as well as your answers) from each of the presentations.

IA Final Due Date

All Groups must submit a final IA Script before presentations begin.  You may submit your polished draft to turnitin.com by 3/27.  This will ensure that all groups had the same preparation timelines.


Groups may continue to revise their work up to the day of their presentation.  Here is (again) the published schedule.  There is no ‘second chance’ for you to present because the IB due date is so close, so don’t be absent on your day of presentation.

Outline submission and Scripting

Your outlines should be submitted to turnitin.com.  Remember, you will also be submitting an outline as part of your TKPPD (the 5th box on the form in Managebac).  The outline you submit to Managebac should illustrate how you have developed the exploration into your knowledge questions.  Since the entire form must be fewer than 500 words, your outline should be around 350 words (You are ONLY writing about the way that ideas are developed).  Here is what IB suggests you to consider for this outline.

Outline how you intend to develop your presentation, with respect to perspectives, subsidiary knowledge questions, arguments, etc. Responses below can be presented in continuous prose or as bullet points.  

The outline does not fulfill its purpose if it presents the structure rather than the ideas that will be used. A list of headings or of questions is not an outline. The outline is for a TOK presentation, therefore TOK concepts and TOK terminology must be used.

The outline must present the ideas that will be developed “with respect to perspectives, related knowledge questions (previously referred to as “subsidiary knowledge questions”), arguments” – that is compulsory. It is a TOK presentation, therefore the outline must refer to second-order, not first order, claims and questions.

It is a cause of concern that many candidates do not complete this section with enough detail to allow the examiner to see how the real-life situation has been analysed using the tools of TOK. Also of concern is the number of candidates who thought that many real-life situations had to be considered in depth, thus reducing the room available for what should be the focus of the outline.

You will later be submitting your outlines 3/20 and a draft of your script (here is a TOKIAScript model ) on Wednesday (3/22) and a revised script on Friday (3/24).  Here are the due dates coming soon:

  • Friday, 3/17 – Managebac submission for TKPPD
  • Monday, 3/20 – outline due to turnitin.com (and updated on the TKPPD in Managebac)
  • Wednesday, 3/22 – Script draft submission to turnitin.com
  • Friday, 3/24 – completed Script submission to turnitin.com  – Here is a model: TOKIAScript model
  • Monday, 3/27 – completed hard copy of Script due to Mr. B
    • All IA Presentations must be ready on Monday, 3/27.  If extenuating circumstances arise and another group cannot present, you may be asked to present your Internal Assessment one or several days prior to your assigned date.  If we stay on schedule, we will use the calendar below:
    • Presentation Calendar 2017

Adding the outline to the TKPPD

Today, Friday, March 17th, you should continue advancing your work for the ToK IA.  At this point you should have:

  • determined a topic
  • created an effective knowledge question (and any appropriate sub-questions)
  • found an appropriate real-life situation to use to illustrate your analysis of your knowledge question
  • considered how your real-life situation and your knowledge question are linked
  • begun your outline.

Linked here is a section from the Subject Report written for teachers to guide their students.  The  Modified IA handout TOK 2017 , gives you guidance for how each of the bulleted items above should be crafted.  Once you’ve drafted each of those things, you should enter them into Managebac so that I can see them.

As of now, you should have completed all of the first five boxes in managebac.


ToK Internal Assessments

To date, you should have received the following explanations of your project:

  • The rubric for the ToK IA (this can be found through Managebac)
  • The planning document for the IA – TKPPD (this can be found through Managebac)
  • Instruction on how to enter your presentation into Managebac
  • A handout: understanding and creating good knowledge questions

Due dates coming up include the following (additional details will be added to what is required – this is but a rough estimate):

  • Friday, March 17th a rough but thorough outline of the presentation
    • This should cover the scope of the presentation
  • Monday, March 20th – a polished outline of the presentation
    • This will include cited evidence to be included in the presentation
  • Wednesday, March 22nd – a rough script of the presentation
    • Scripts should include all spoken passages, any visuals, and any video to be included.
    • Scripts will also include the names of particular student contributors.
  • Friday, March 24th – a complete script with all of the above, plus:
    • Stage directions for actors
    • Setup equipment and props required
    • Additional roles included
    • Questions to be asked in Q&A debrief (both during and after the presentation)
      • as well as anticipated answers from students
  • ALL groups should be ready to present on Monday, March 27th.  Your group may be asked to move up to present on this day if opportunity arises.