Good News! I’ve finished early!

I believe that you can get to my voice comments and work on revising your essay now! Isn’t that great? I knew you’d be excited.  Once we get back to school, we will spend some time discussing the changes necessary as a whole, and you will be allowed to make adjustments to your work and then revise them for final submission to IB.

The other step will be entering in the input you’ve received from me into managebac.

Enjoy your final Sunday!

If, however, you can’t find your voice comments, you will need to submit/resubmit your essay into .  There were a few of you who failed that motor-skill challenge and have yet to have your essays evaluated as a result.  Get them in ASAP.

Essay Submission Friday 2pm

We are coming up to the Friday, February 17th due date.  Tomorrow, Thursday, February 16th we will be in the lab and you will have another opportunity to meet with me to discuss your work.  We will also have a chance to chat Friday in the lab.  It is your responsibility to track our three interactions.

Friday, February 17th, we will be submitting essays to  The window for submissions closes at 2pm.  The due date will not extend into the wee hours of your weekend.  You will have been gifted five hours by then; I’m sure you’ve added five on your own – and that should be plenty.

You will earn a grade in the Skyline grade book for your on-time submission as well as for the quality of your work.  Essays (hopefully) will be returned following break.

Although you may be able to hear my audio comments from turnitin once I am done reading your essay, you should assume that you will have only a day or two between the essay being returned to you and the IB submission date.

You will submit your essays to IB in early March.  You will also submit your explanation of the three teacher interactions you have had into your managebac account on that day.

For those of you freaking out about what happens if/when I miss the due date, late submissions within 24 hours of the due date – that’s Saturday at 1:59pm – can earn up to half of the 20 points earned in daily work category for on-time submissions (Friday at 2pm).  Those later than Saturday (but before Friday 2/24 at 2pm) will not earn points for submitting essays.  Your essay is worth 200 points in the assessment category.


Essay work Friday, Feb. 10

Today, you have a Revision submission that is required.  You will need to submit a draft of your much-improved essay.  Ideally, this happens by the end of class.  This is a revised version of the essay you started to develop in February.  You submitted a first draft to turnitin under the title – Chosen IB Submission Original Draft.  This requirement is a much-improved draft of that draft.

Drafts should be complete (between 1400-1600 words) and should avoid the simplistic pitfalls that we exposed yesterday in class.  This draft should incorporate both the changes from your peer editor and from your own self-editing about word choice.  If you submit a draft that is largely identical, you will receive only 10% of the points available.


Reminders for essay revision

Before I discuss what you should do today, I’ll remind you of what we’ve covered already… if you have forgotten, please consult what instruction I gave you before we wrote our December drafts of the essays.  In those notes you will find reminders to:

  • Avoid trite expressions:
    • Fact
    • Basic
    • Foundation
    • Key
    • shows
  • The word “This” should precede a noun
  • Use active verbs rather than
    • “is” – avoid ‘to be’ verbs
  • Consider the examples you’ve chosen
    • Are they more than explanation?
    • Are they useful?
    • You’ve avoided hypotheticals, right?
    • Are at least 2 or three examples in each paragraph?

Peer Analysis assignment

For today, your task is to assess the structural integrity of an essay written by your peers.  You will be paired with someone who has written an essay that is roughly the same quality as your own essay draft.  Your task today is to use this Peer Evaluation Outline form to show the author how he or she has structured his or her essay AND to give your analysis about whether this structure makes logical sense.

Here are your tasks:

  1. decide which draft (December or January) you would like to develop before your submissions are due on February 17th.
  2. bring up a digital copy of that draft.
  3. find a partner who has done roughly the same amount of work. Sit in front of their essay.  You will be copying-and-pasting parts of their essay into this assignment
  4. open the Peer Evaluation Outline
  5. Type your name  and the author’s name and clarify who the editor is/author is
  6. Type the word count for the essay below the author’s name.
  7. Follow the general instructions.  You will need to:
    1. Identify Knowledge Questions, Main Thesis, Body Theses, and supporting claims
    2. Evaluate the general structure of the essay
    3. Comment on the necessity of the paragraphs, claims, support
  8. Copy the entirety of the essay and paste it after your editing outline.
    1. Make it tiny – 9 point font and single space.
  9. Save your work digitally and make sure the author has your finished Evaluation.