Essay Draft #1

Here are some things explained in class on Wednesday, December 14:

  • You will be writing two essays in ToK this year
  • You will need to choose from the six titles for this year
  • Both essays will be submitted to
    • A complete draft of your first essay will be due by Friday, December 16.  It will be a thorough draft (but not perfect).
  • You should consider the ideas shared in the 2016 subject report for ToK.  Of particular interest are the assessor’s comments based on each of the six prompts from the 2016 ToK essay titles.  Please remember, the subject report is written based on LAST YEAR’s titles.  Your titles for this year (May 2017) are different.

Be sure to do the following before Thursday’s class:

  1. Select a title from one of the six available.
  2.  Identify (write down) the key terms in the title.  Explain why they are essential to address.
  3. Consider what questions must be addressed in a well-developed essay based on this title.
  4. Determine the best sequence for your questions listed in #3 above.  What order makes most sense developmentally?  Answers to these questions (will likely be developed into Body Theses) are “stepping stones” in the development of your essay.

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