For all of those who missed the Pre-ToK art day

For all of those who missed the Pre-ToK art day, you will be doing Art visitations on this Friday, 6/3 DURING SCHOOL.

They will need to visit several installations, take notes on their observations, then do several reflection questions including:

Guerilla Art visitation

Today, during school], spend about 30 minutes to observe others interacting with your work.  The goal is to gather at least 15 observations and then to wonder (in writing) about whether or not your installation achieved its purpose.  A model might look like the following:

Action Cause Thoughts/reflections
Freshman girl stops, looks, turns to friend, then laughs She looked directly at the collage portion – It seemed as if she was laughing at the Bieber portion of the collage.  She didn’t seem to link it to the Satan drawings nearby – perhaps a missed opportunity… Perhaps the positioning needed to be more deliberate.  Do I have to train people to interpret my art?  Is that like explaining a joke?  Is it a failure if I have to tell them what it means????

Your observations and the following steps will accompany the following in your Art reflections due Monday, 6/6 at latest:

  1. Your observations – done today at some point [see grid above]
  2. Your reflections – due Monday 6/6
  3. a) What amazed you about how people reacted to/interacted with the art?
  4. b) What did you learn (about self, peers, art, artists) by seeing the project?
  5. c) What will you do for your project next year? How will you do things differently than these students?
  6. Which installation was best? (you determine the criterion, then vote)

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