Your IA script and presentation

You’ve submitted a proposal, you’ve crafted an outline, you’ve probably had multiple conversations with Mr. Braman regarding questions you had about your project, and you’ve signed up for a date to present.  Your project should be ready to present on Monday, March 28th.

Since you’ve thoroughly planned your project to score well on the Rubric, don’t forget to consider those steps you’ve done to link your work to the real-life scenario.  Here is the document you’ll need to complete and then to email to Mr. Braman showing that you’ve taken these steps – it is called the TKPPD.  For today:

  1. Please complete the first two pages of the form
  2. Save the document with the last names of each group member in the file name
  3. and then email it to Mr. Braman with your last names and period number in the subject heading.

An example would be:   ChooChuTwain4

After that, please upload your script to  Thanks.


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