Your IA script and presentation

You’ve submitted a proposal, you’ve crafted an outline, you’ve probably had multiple conversations with Mr. Braman regarding questions you had about your project, and you’ve signed up for a date to present.  Your project should be ready to present on Monday, March 28th.

Since you’ve thoroughly planned your project to score well on the Rubric, don’t forget to consider those steps you’ve done to link your work to the real-life scenario.  Here is the document you’ll need to complete and then to email to Mr. Braman showing that you’ve taken these steps – it is called the TKPPD.  For today:

  1. Please complete the first two pages of the form
  2. Save the document with the last names of each group member in the file name
  3. and then email it to Mr. Braman with your last names and period number in the subject heading.

An example would be:   ChooChuTwain4

After that, please upload your script to  Thanks.


For your project on the Social Sciences…

You will have two days in the lab this week (Monday and Wednesday) and Tuesday (using the computer cart in the classroom) to refine your search and finish the documentation of your journey.  At this point you should have:

  1. A strong research question
  2. An initial hypothesis for the question
  3. An initial bibliography with comments about the value of the source
  4. A list of questions that remain

This week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – you will be finishing your project. Linked here is the rubric for your analysis.  Here is what you will add to what you have already created:

  1. A revised thesis that is a response to your research question
  2. An explanation of ‘the best way forward’ [This portion will be 800 – 1,000 words]
    1. Your analysis of the topic
    2. A discussion of the best conclusion
    3. An analysis of the methodology used by the experts on your topic
    4. Demonstration of evidence to support your assertions
    5. Inclusion of multiple perspectives in your response

On Thursday, you will bring the written product printed out to class.  In class, you should be prepared to discuss with others what you have researched and – in particular – the methodology used by social historians.

IB Essay Upload

To clarify –

  1. I really appreciate students who have uploaded their essays to IB already (see below).
  2. If you have yet to do so, please complete and submit to me a printed version of the TK/PPF form so that you can upload it to IB.  Forms are due before the end of class Monday.
  3. If you are one of the 30 or so who have yet to submit an essay to IB, please upload yours by Tuesday evening March 8th at 7pm.  I need to verify your work by March 10th. For your IB Essay upload, you will need to do the following steps.
    1. Once you have uploaded your essay to IB, please submit an identical version to
  4. There are no penalties for essay submissions before Tuesday at 7pm.

Prior to upload, you will need to:

  • remove your name and any heading from your essay and the heading in your essay
  • make sure that at the top of your essay you have written the title number and prescribed title you are responding to in your essay.
  • It is best if you can make your essay double-space, 12 point font, Ariel font.  These are preferred by evaluators.
  • Include the word count at the bottom of your essay (don’t fudge the numbers, they will know!)
  • make sure that you do NOT
    • leave your name on your essay
    • write a Title at the top of your essay
    • have a cover sheet
    • mistype, paraphrase, or generalize the wording of the title(prompt)

Your essay will be loaded at .  In order to get in, you will need to use your pin.  If you were in class Friday, you received your pin.  If not, Mrs. Lund now has the list with your pin.  Please ask her for the list.  When you are done, you will need to submit THE SAME VERSION OF YOUR ESSAY  to

Afterward, you will need to also submit EMAIL to me a printed DIGITAL version  of your TK/PPF document you’ve been using to track your progress.  I will write on the back portion of the document to verify what you’ve submitted is accurate. AND THEN I can upload your document simply.

After that, I will return the form to you and you will upload a scanned version of your TK/PPF document you’ve been using to track your progress.