After talking with some of you about your prompts…

I think this is the time to give some general suggestions regarding the demands of each prompt.  Consider the below input for each prompt as you look to revise your essays before the Friday submission.

  1. this one is off limits.
  2. Most of you have been encouraged (by me) to also consider the role of metaphor as a way to know something in the abstract.  Don’t let that overwhelm your essay, however.  DO consider how knowledge develops (within two areas of knowledge)… and you should also consider whether natural selection works as a metaphor for understanding this development.
  3. this one is also off limits.
  4. Most of you are considering diverse Areas of Knowledge as you respond.  That is good.  You should also consider whether you should discuss knowledge that (one could argue) is valuable, yet without application in the world.
  5. Some of you are considering the knower’s perspective and how that perspective influences the concepts we use.  That is a sound approach, but it is not the only way to approach the question.  If you are not considering the knower’s perspective, consider it.
  6. Most of you are defining accuracy and simplicity differently in each of two Areas of knowledge.  The prompt implies that one diminishes as the other increases.  It would be wise to also consider ways that both accuracy and simplicity are apparent (and there is no trade-off).

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