El Preterito

Here’s a good start on our preterite review for Friday’s test. Vamanos!

Español uno con Sr. Braman

To start the week, we will be continuing the work we’ve started on the preterite tense in Spanish.  Today, you’ll be working through a Quizlet series on things you should know.  In theory, In addition to reviewing things in vhl, you did this as you prepred to take the test last week.

Today, you’ll be creating written evidence of your success on the following:

  1. the definitions of the infinitives we’ve learned.
  2. simple verb conjugations of regular and stem-changing verbs
  3. simple verb conjugations of irregular verbs
  4. and don’t forget irregular verbs like conducir
  5. complex sentence translations using vocabulary you should know.

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A history of Skyline

Your job today, Friday, April 24th, is to plan out a history of Skyline High School.  Here are the instructions:

The Issaquah School Board has empowered you and your classmates to create a proposal for a soon-to-be-produced history of Skyline High School.  The Board wants a history that will help both incoming Freshmen and families moving into the district be successful as students at Skyline High School.  With this in mind, you will need to consider several things:

  • What should the purpose of the history be?
  • What should be presented?  What will the content be?
  • What central theme (if any) should be included?  Why is that theme significant?
  • What are the needs of the target audience(s) above?
  • What medium will be best?  What format should this history take?
  • What scope should the history include?  Skyline opened in the fall of ’97…
  • What sequence should be used?  Chronological?  Thematic?
  • All the while, please note (write down in your notes) what the challenges are?
    • (What are the problems of knowledge associated with this challenge?)

The product of your efforts today – both your answers to the questions above – will go into your journal in this handwritten form.  You also have homework.  On Monday, you should arrive at class with.

  • your journal assembled, all items dated, completed, and in chronological order
  • your updated/more polished draft of the “Challenges of the Historian” printed out and uploaded to turnitin.com
  • an improved written proposal for what a history of Skyline should look like [<800 words]
  • a sampling of your history – with the appropriate narration – in your journal [<400 words] your narration should be consistent with your philosophy.

As a preparation for discussions on an ideal history…

we will be thinking through some of the challenges a historian faces.  In class on Thursday, April 23rd, you will be crafting an expository essay that includes both a Main Thesis and a concluding paragraph.  In addition, students should consider the items on the linked assignment.  The best work will not read like a list of things to consider; instead, it will read like a cohesive, insightful argument.  Good Luck.

April 21st – in class Historical Artifacts

Today in class, we examined 12 artifacts – newspapers dating from 1812-1918.  Students were asked to take notes and explore the newspapers as sources.  These are some of the instructions given as to what students should write:

  1. (freewrite) What do you expect to find?
  2. What notes should you take?  What is relevant?
  3. What do you notice as you examine each one? (write your observations)
  4. Examine one article.  What is important?
  5. Examine one advertisement.  What is important?

What conclusions can you make after examining these artifacts?

IF you did not get to class today, schedule time in the library to examine the artifacts and take notes on each one.  It will take roughly an hour.

Thursday, April 16th A Patriot’s History

Please read the introductory interview and the introduction to the text: A Patriot’s History of the United States. If the link is broken, find the working link on the table below at right.  After reading both the interview and the introduction, write a two-paragraph reflection. The first paragraph should attempt to summarize the arguments placed forth by Schweikart to the following idea: What should a quality history attempt to do and how should this history do it?

The second paragraph should compare Schweikart to both Zinn and to your views. How is this view different from and similar to your ideas and to those of Zinn?

Please print your work and include it in your journal on Friday along with your example of a quality history.