Help us do our project!

Period 3 –

Message from Shreyas and Gordon:

Please join our MarketWatch game and trade stock for a week and see what happens. Everyone would need to create a MarketWatch account, and then join our game. The Password is – topimpabutterfly

Period 4

Please read the following sample prior to Thursday’s class.  There may be a quiz on the concepts involved/presented in the satire.

Period 6

Please take this survey no later than Wednesday.  You may do it on your phone, if necessary.

As we prepare for your ToK IA

Remember to talk with Mr. Braman regarding your proposal so he can help you polish your knowledge questions.  Once you’ve got things figured out, download and complete the ToK Presentation Planning Document.  Once that is complete and submitted to Mr. Braman, you should start to look toward the rubric used to evaluate your presentation.

For our policy debate tomorrow

Be sure to bring your written proposal for your policy – you will be turning them in at the end of the discussion.  Please feel free to do some additional research tonight to be ready to discuss these topics.  Each class will have different presenters/topics:

For 3rd period, the Agenda will be as follows:

  1. A.C. – Territorial Tax System
  2. J. Y. – Cap Yearly increase in costs of tuition
  3. C. G. – Decrease corporate income tax
  4. S. Siv. – Increase investment in government and scientific research

For 4th period, the Agenda will be as follows:

  1. S.V. – Corporate tax breaks for companies who fund college Ed
  2. G. S. – Increasing luxury tax and other revenue strategies
  3. A. C. – Increase Subsidized Loans for underprivileged kids
  4. I. C. – Closing tax loopholes

For 6th period, the Agenda will be as follows:

  1. N.S. – Subsidizing Higher Ed. through community service
  2. B. S. – Raising the Minimum wage
  3. S. S. – Decreasing Child Credit Tax exemption
  4. A. M. – Computer Science for normal people

An example of some starting places…

Here’s an article about a policy that failed as it tried to limit the pay of CEO’s…

Here’s a recent editorial arguing for a need in our state for Public Universities.  Although it argues that our State funding should change, it could be incorporated into the federal government (if you were willing to increase the scope of gov’t…).

Here’s another editorial written about local government regarding an issue of national importance – the federal minimum wage.

and a letter-to-the-editor of the Seattle Times regarding the fairness of taxes.

Here are some thoughts on the American Dream – first from President Obama, and then from the commentators at Fox News.