Friday 2.27

Today your job is simple –

  1. finish up any remaining work from yesterday
  2. Inform yourself about taxes.  Start local.  Consider the ways future candidates are distinguishing themselves from each other.  Here’s a NY Times editorial reprinted in the Seattle Times.
  3. Do some independent research to learn the current tax system for Federal taxes.  We will eventually discuss Corporate taxes, Capital Gains taxes, and Income taxes.  If you want some help, start here:
    1. the most recent tax changes; a 2012 article from economists
    2. some discussion on taxing the wealthy – from the view of a millionaire,
    3. a discussion on corporate taxes – and the ways corporations avoid paying taxes (legally)
    4. The start of conversation on the effect of tax cuts – the loss of services from the Washington Post
    5. An interesting article about people’s views on government subsidies like healthcare
    6. The views of Republicans – an article about a recent speech by Jeb Bush on the plight of the poor from the Washington Post

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