Final Exam creation

Today we are working to review for the final… and to help craft a test that will assess whether or not students have mastered the most important material this semester.  During class, you should link to this Google Doc (Thanks, Nikki) and craft questions that:

  1. assess essential content from Semester 1 (i.e. Gestalt)
  2. link ideas to each main philosopher (i.e. Plato – Forms)
  3. compare ideas (a priori knowledge is different from Forms because…)
  4. determine whether or not students can identify central ideas in an excerpt

The questions below would be decent questions.  Questions that are plausible are most likely to become part of the final.  Please notice the details in the formatting so I can build the final with as few hiccups as possible.

Which author considered ideas to be the things most real in the universe?

A. Euclid

B. Mandlebrot

C. Da Vinci

D. Plato

E. Icarus

Which of the following philosophers crafted the idea “I think, therefore I am.”

A. Max Cohen

B. Immanuel Kant

C. René Descartes

D. David Hume

E. Plato

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