Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Today (November 17th) in class, we will explore the concept of Emotional Intelligence by taking a test about Emotional Intelligence at www.queendom.com. If you have a laptop, bring it to class.  The expectations in class are to:

  •  take the test and consider what it is testing
  • as you’re testing, copy/paste into a Word document any questions that seem odd or interesting
  • comment about those questions so you don’t forget your wondering

When you’re done with the test…

  • copy and paste your results into the word document
  • answer the follwing questions –
    • What does the test assess?
    • What do the results make you wonder?  What value do they have?
    • Consider the link to “Scientifically Validated”… what would that even mean?
      • From what it says and from your results, what do you think Emotional Intelligence is?
  • Conduct some research into the founders and the ideas behind the test.  What was the original set of ‘findings?’  What was the intended ‘learning’?  What is E.I. supposed to tell us?  And what good is that?
  • and then PRINT all of it and bring it to class on tomorrow.  We will be discussing your responses and thoughts about Emotional Intelligence and, in general, about Emotion as a way to know things.