Building off of today’s discussion…

Tonight, your job is to figure out what sensation you rely upon most.  And as you consider your senses, you may want to consider the ‘attention’ you paid to things.  If you think it’s really simple, perhaps you should consider this TED talk (thanks, Brian).


Monday, October 20th

As we are beginning our exploration into the ways of knowing, we start with sensation.  Today in class, your job is simple:  Research, Plan, and Conduct an experiment that explores ‘how trustworthy are your senses?’  The place to start is to decide what it is you want to prove/test/explore.

You need to conduct a safe experiment that would pass scientific muster.  Here are a few basic ones to start your brain…

During class, you are expected to:

  • determine what you want to know
  • devise a safe experiment to test it
  • conduct the experiment in class (if possible) – utilizing your classmates as subjects
  • record your findings

Tonight you should…

  • write up your conclusions and…
  • be prepared to publish your findings tomorrow in class