an exploration of knowledge…

Try this activity inspired by E. Dombrowski: Group the following knowledge claims in some sort of classification system.  Demonstrate your groupings in any way you like, but be sure to explain (on your grouping) the logic behind your system.

  1. I know my closest friends.
  2. I know how to solve conflicts between my friends.
  3. I know that India’s economy is stronger than Canada’s.
  4. I know that Snoqualm created Mt. Si.
  5. I know Sammamish really well.
  6. I know my girlfriend is very beautiful.
  7. I know how to play frisbee.
  8. I know how to solve problems in Geometry.
  9. I know this feeling I get when I see my girlfriend, as if the whole world is suddenly coming awake.
  10. I know that the U.S. was discovered by European explorers.
  11. I know that Spain won the FIFA World Cup in 2010.
  12. I know that I cannot fully explain my love for soccer.
  13. I know that a square has four 90 degree angles.
  14. I know that atoms have protons and electrons.
  15. I know that tomorrow morning the sun will rise.
  16. I know that I will die someday.
  17. I know that if I tease my brother, he will get angry.
  18. I know that ice cream is delicious.
  19. I know that I am wearing a blue shirt and jeans and holding my coffee.
  20. I know when to stop arguing about something.

Welcome 2014-2015 ToK students

Thanks for having such lively discussions yesterday.  I appreciated the insights of many of you.  I look forward to hearing from each of you next week.  Today, Friday September 5th in class, you will be going to the computerlab 2215 (and a few in the neighboring lab) and writing a response to the following question:

What role does culture play in your life?  How has culture influenced how you know?

Please notice that you need to push beyond the valuable, but limited question assumed above – How has culture influenced what you know?

Please respond in a freewrite/expository format.  I would assume you could produce 600-1,000 words in the period.  Please print and submit your work to the sub.

Thank you.