A Man For All Seasons

In ToK this week we will be watching the film “A Man For All Seasons” which won six Academy Awards in 1966. Based on a play by Robert Bolt, the story illuminates the struggles faced by Sir Thomas More.

Students who wish to include the film in what they write about for our unit test should view the film and try to answer/consider (in writing) the following prompts:

Day 1: (write responses, then view chapters 1-6)

  • What good is your word?
  • What should you do when faced with competing responsibilities – to family, to friends, to God/religion, and to country?

Days 2 & 3:

  • Do we have an obligation to tell the truth?  What about when the truth is hurtful?  What if the truth shows our own guilt?
  • Do we have an obligation to take care of our own lives as the first priority?  Or is truth the first priority?

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