For those of you that missed Pre-ToK session 5…

Here is your makeup assignment:

Consider the relationship between faith, belief, and knowledge.  Without consulting another source, write down what you consider to be the similarities and differences between these three concepts.  In doing so, consider your words carefully and do feel free to include additional terms like these used in class: confidence, truth, justification, evidence, trust, explanation and tested.

Then, consider how these three are related:

  1. Which of these three is most reliable?
  2. Which of these three is most useful?
  3. Which of these three is most permanent?

Interview someone else – a peer, an older sibling, a parent – and record their responses to your inquiries about the relationship between these three concepts.

Then, create a drawing that incorporates shapes as you explain the relationship between these three terms.  As you design and label the drawing, be sure to consider what your drawing implies – Is belief really encompassed in knowledge?  Does faith sit independent of belief? etc.

Then, (beside your drawing) list an example of something that represents that area of your drawing – i.e. what is an example of something that is faith and belief, but not knowledge?

Then, read this story and figure out where it goes on your diagram.  Include a few sentences to explain its placement on your diagram.  Then, consider the argument of David Sarewitz, co-director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University.  In a paragraph, respond to his argument, citing his article throughout your response.  Please submit your work in paper form to Mr. Braman’s office -2410G as soon as possible.

Thank you.