Planning for our IA’s…

By the end of today’s class [3/17]…

You will need a script for your entire presentation.  It will include:

  • Rooms/spaces you will need to reserve for your presentation
  • Materials, props, background you will need to find/bring
  • The knowledge issues you will explore in your presentation

In addition, the written script will include:

  • Stage directions – actions of the different speakers
  • The words presenters will use
  • Expert support that will be cited and imbedded in the script
  • Any survey/warmup/exit slip questions that may be asked during the presentation
  • The anticipated questions and probable answers during the Q & A section(s)
  • Evidence that each participant is involved in:
    • The asking and exploration of knowledge issues
    • The presentation of different perspectives (on the knowledge issues)
    • The reflection questions imbedded into the presentation
  • A works cited