Uploading ToK essays…

Before you depart for 2nd winter break, you will need to upload your essay to IB.  The basic steps are as follows:

  • Candidates must upload their essay via the website https://candidates.ibo.org. They log in using their six character alphanumeric personal code [it’s three letters like dvx followed by three digits like 916]  and a personal identification number (PIN) that Mr. Braman gave them in class Thursday, February 13. This is the same PIN candidates will use to access their results in July/January. The date from which essays can be uploaded will be published in a news item on IBIS.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions for using the website a candidate then enters the prescribed title and number of words in their essay, digitally signs the candidate declaration and then uploads their essay.
  • Once candidates have submitted their essays the theory of knowledge teacher will have access to all uploaded essays. The role of the teacher is to then view/read each essay before digitally signing each essay to the effect that, to the best of their knowledge, it is the authentic work of the candidate.
  • After the theory of knowledge teacher has authenticated and submitted each essay they become available to the coordinator for submission to the IB.
  • A second submission to turnitin.com will happen as well.  The Class ID is 7685857 and the one-word password is the name of your high school.

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