For your ToK final…

Bring your Journal!!!  You may be required to turn it in.  Don’t worry about studying for the final, but do make sure you’ve read all the articles in your journal and have organized it for submission.

The Semester 1 ToK final for 2013-2014 will include:

  • Thirty or less multiple-choice questions based on our mathematics unit viewing and discussion of the film “Fractals: the colors of infinity”
  • A critical reading portion that demonstrates a students’ abilities to:
    • Identify significant passages
    • Identify the key words that clarify the passage
    • Paraphrase significant passages
    • Evaluate the author’s views in the significant passages
    • An intellectual, novel task (like a puzzle)
    • A written response that may require students to:
      • Recognize the Knowledge Issues inherent in a modern dilemma
      • Accurately identify the views of others
      • Compare and contrast the views of others
        • Distinguish the views of others from oneself
        • Evaluate the views of others
          • Create a concession statement
          • Craft a counter-argument
  • Express his or her view in a visual method like a mind map or an extended metaphor
  • Craft a quality thesis to express his or her analysis (synthesis)

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