To celebrate your logical understanding…

we will be demonstrating our capacities in class Tuesday.  The teacher will distribute to you a handout [the handouts are in the classroom on the counter behind the teacher workstation] that asks you to answer several questions and to alter several examples of syllogistic thinking.  In addition to doing the handout, you should answer the following questions related to the excerpts below.

Consider the fallacy below… Identify it, and clarify the error in the thinking.

1.  Each individual in Big Corporation has a right to free speech. Therefore, Big Corporation itself has a right to free speech.

2.          “In fact, whenever America has set about solving our toughest problems, there have always been those who’ve sought to preserve the status quo by scaring the American people…When JFK and then Lyndon Johnson tried to pass Medicare, they said this was a government takeover of health care; they were going to get between you and your doctor — the same argument that’s being made today.”  President Obama

Turn in your work prior to departing class.

Preparing for your test on logic…

Recently, we have studied deductive and inductive thinking.  Deductive and Inductive logic are used in different syllogistic logic.  Additionally, we have considered formal and informal fallacies.  Here is a resource that shows you many of the fallacies discussed in class; here are several fallacies as they often appear in writing.  Linked (above and below) are some resources that may help you.  If you’re looking for wallpaper, try this on for size.

As we considered both formal and informal fallacies in logic, we viewed today [in 5th period] part of an evaluation of CNN’s effort to use fallacious logic in an effort to simplify things for their viewers.  What is the type of fallacy at play?