As you reflect –

Thank you for making such great presentations.  It was an interesting day for everyone.

Tomorrow in class, we will be discussing your thoughts regarding the ways in which Art can impact a community.  Among other things, we will consider:

  • What is art supposed to do?  What is the purpose of art?
  • What made a good installation?
  • What counts as art?  What makes good art?
  • What surprised you about ‘Art Day’?
  • What made you think most?

Either tonight or over the weekend, you will be doing your written reflection on the project.  Please recognize these details:

  1. Each student will do an individual reflection [one per student, NOT one per group]
  2. You should have examples and share specific observations in your reflection.  IF you took photographs of your art installation (or of students interacting with your art), you may imbed them into your reflection [but you can’t put those photos online].
  3. The observations you did today in class may be included in your reflections.
  4. So, when you turn it all in, you will submit:
    1. your in-class observations
    2. tomorrow’s in-class discussion notes
    3. your written reflection that answers the questions below:

Reflection ideas [total length should be 2+ pages]:
a) How did people react to/interact with your art? 

b) What did you learn (about self, peers, art, artists) by doing the project?

c) How would you do things differently?

Quality Reflections include specific examples from observations made during ‘Art Day’ in their analysis.

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