ToK art day…

is tomorrow – Thursday, May 30th.  IF you have not spoken with Mr. Braman AND THEN SUBMITTED AND SEEN YOUR PROPOSAL APPROVED, THEN YOU ARE NOT TO PUT UP YOUR ART DISPLAY.  Mr. Braman will be available at 7am to have your installation approved tomorrow if necessary.  DO NOT, however, put your installation up prior to having it approved.  You will have time in class to both install your art and to view the art of others.

Your installation should be up long enough to have students interact with it and long enough for you to document those interactions in some manner.  If you fail to document the interactions that others have with your project, then your reflection will be inadequate.  Here are the relevant portions of the handout distributed Tuesday in class which clearly labels these expectations:

Your Art assignment is as follows:  Create some form of art and display it in a public place.  ALL   ART   INSTALLATIONS   MUST   BE   APPROVED.  Your art may be anonymous… but you will need to install it before the end of class on 5/30.

You will need to evaluate others interacting with your art.  If no one sees it… not good.

You will need to tell Mr. Braman where your art is located so it can be observed, & evaluated.  You need to plan for the possiblity that he is unavailable or unable to see it and to make your own record of its existence.  Take a photo or record people interacting with it.

You will be evaluated on:

the thought invested into your plan [due Tues. 5/28] the observations and reflections you make as others interact with your art when they see it on Thursday.

the art you create – Does it get noticed?  Does it have a deliberate intent or message?  Is it a quality effort? Did you manage it appropriately?  Did others misuse it?  Did you prevent harm?

Is the installation completed by EOC?  Is the location appropriate? Did you avoid brick?

the cleanup – [Is your art taken down by 3:00 on Thursday 5/30?  Don’t forget you have the Senior Meeting and the Senior Picnic late in the day – figure out when you are going to take it down before 3pm.  Why not take it down after 2nd Lunch?]

Remember, that this is not the time for the philosophical discussion suggesting all is art.  To turn in a rock, or to do a stick drawing is not going to cut it.  Your purpose is to create art that will inspire thought in individuals.  What thoughts you hope to inspire is up to you.

Now, it is unacceptable for you do anything illegal, inappropriate, potentially life-threatening, or possibly preventing the learning of others. Though this isn’t the place for mischief, there is something wonderfully interesting about provoking thought by leaving some form of art in public places.

 [these will earn a failing   grade for Display]

Disrupts the learning of   others


Causes damage or leaves a mess   for others to clean


Breaks school rules or creates a dangerous situation

     Does not get noticed by a substantial number of people

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