Happy Manifestoing…

Hopefully, you are getting some well-deserved sleep and relaxation during the weekend.  The fifteen or so of you who have already submitted your Manifesto are probably looking for something to do. 🙂

with that in mind, I’m offering an extra credit opportunity to take what you’ve already thought about and put it to work. Seattle Times columnist John Talon is encouraging consumers in the Northwest to think about the ethical role that they play in our global economy. Sound familiar?  I give you permission to use your knowledge for good. I’m sure that you are all internally motivated to add your thoughts to the community forum in order to make it a better place, but just in case, I’m going to sweeten the pot for you.

Here’s the deal- Sign in to the Seattle Times

  • comment on the article in the comments section
  • Follow both the Seattle Times expectations and keep your identity protected
  • Add value by sharing lucid insights, giving examples from experts, personal experience or other sources
  • send me an email with ‘Ethical Extra Credit’ and your name in the subject heading and with your SeattleTimes.com name in the message.
  • I will evaluate your comments based on the criteria above and raise your Manifesto grade up to three percentage points. (I give you permission to use what you already have written, but it must link to the current conversation.) Multiple posts will not be considered as best. Quality of responses will.
  • You must enter your comments into the Times before the comments close.  No alternate method For earning points will be available. Good luck.

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