Now that you’re focused on revising the Manifesto…

You’ll want to consider the required elements and quality expectations in the 2013 Manifesto Rubric.  The good news is that there’s very little that you might find unexpected.  The quality expectations are the same kinds of things we’ve been learning throughout the year:

  • Form a unique thesis and support it with expert testimony
  • Be sure to do more than just explain your view in a report
  • Consider the counter-arguments you should provide
  • Write as efficiently as possible with a focused scope of work [if you’re more than 4k words, there’s likely a problem]

With this in mind, you should read and consider the attached rubric.  It should guide your revision and peer editing steps.  Get help from others who can help you see the shortcomings of your own work.  The rubric tells them what to look for.

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