The Manifesto Assignment Overview and Learning Objectives

Today we begin the groundwork for the Manifesto.

Actually, we have been working toward the production of the Manifesto (as we will call it) the entire year.  The Manifesto you will craft will showcase your thinking and writing skills in a product that represents the best work you have done as a student.  The Manifesto will demonstrate your best analytical and problem-solving skills.  It will serve as an example of your talents.

In short, the Manifesto will require you to:

  • form your own philosophical view on morality including:
    • The source of what is right
    • How right is known
    • How right can be learned
  • know a range of similar and contrasting moral viewpoints
    • recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments
  • apply your ethical philosophy to an economic reality
  • research and understand a current event that allows you to discuss the ethics of economics
    • make the argument that the current situation is causing harm
  • consider and address the implications of inaction
  • propose a solution/take a viewpoint on the dilemma
  • consider and address the implications of your solution

In the process, you will make sure that you:

  • formulate original ideas
  • research and acknowledge the ideas of others by quoting their insights
    • clearly identifying the source of expert opinions
    • clearly identifying the differences between your ideas and the ideas of others
    • include specific ‘expert’ views that disagree with your own
      • refute their arguments in ways that suggest the legitimacy of your views

As you look to determine the appropriate direction of your Manifesto, it is important to recognize that your peers will not be writing their Manifestos on exactly the same topic.  In fact, given the complexity of the assignment and the breadth of options within the realm of economics, it is likely that your peers will be writing different topics.  As it turns out, that is a good thing – they will then be great peer editors.  If you’re writing a project on the same topic as someone else, keep your solutions under wraps so that your solutions are unique and revolutionary.

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