Day two test… Ethics pre-test

Yesterday’s submission focused on human nature.  You received both a grade and basic feedback on your submission [check family access].  Today, your job is as follows:

  1. Recognize that you’re continuing the discussion about how people are when you address the question: “How do people know right from wrong?”.  Also, you should recognize that the next step will be “Given that human nature is like “X” and the ideal we are trying to reach is known by Y, we need to help get people to that ideal by doing Z.”
  2. Just to be clear, I’m not giving you sub-questions because a few students felt that they had done a quality job if they merely had an answer for each.  With that in mind…
  3. Realize that, in your answer, you will need to include:
    1. Clear and factually true (not made up) examples from your experience that have helped form your opinion [avoid hypotheticals!]
    2. Recognition of views others may hold (concession statements) and an appropriate counter-argument [with support].
  4. Your submission is due in paper form by the end of class on 4/30.  If you have time to work after your submitting your work, please go back and revise yesterday’s entry.

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