The work begins today for the Manifesto…

In order to get started on your project, start today, April 29th by addressing the following in an expository essay:

  1. How are human beings in the ‘state of nature?’ What is human nature?
    1. Do people make moral decisions?  Do they naturally care for others?
    2. Can they think beyond self-interest?
    3. Do people need to be regulated?  Why?
    4. What ends are you hoping to achieve through regulation?

In your response, use specific examples both from your experience and from current events that would suggest you are accurate in your assertions.  In addition, it is worthwhile to use the arguments of philosophers to bolster your opinions.

A simple rubric for today’s work would include the following.  Students should:

  • formulate original ideas
  • research and acknowledge the ideas of others by quoting their insights
    • clearly identifying the source of expert opinions (hyperlink!)
  • clearly identifying the differences between your ideas and the ideas of others
  • including examples from personal experience to support your view
  • include specific ‘expert’ views that disagree with your own (concession statement)
    • refute their arguments in ways that suggest the legitimacy of your views (counter-argument)

Though obviously a first draft, the product of your work today should be saved in digital form, submitted during class in paper form, and of a high calibre.  Your end product will be worth 10 points of daily work [for submission] and 10 points in the Test/Quiz category for your inclusion and labelling of the above bulleted items.

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