For the math assignment due Friday, 1/18…

Link here for the handout pasted below.

Mathematical Knowing Project 2013– ToK

 Your project must:

1. Aim to demonstrate how mathematics can describe something worth knowing

2. Clarify in writing [brief expository essay] what knowing the thing would entail & what knowing it would mean, explaining the role of mathematics in this process including the certainties and limitations of each of knowing mathematically.

3. Include a visual to better explain your writing [#2] how the thing could be known

  1. 4.   Include the relevant mathematics that would lead a knower to understanding
  2. 5.  Include a to elaborate on and “interpret” your mathematical explanation [#4]

6. be turned in with this sheet.


Projects will be evaluated based on their ability to:

  • Include a cover to visually introduce topic, textually introduce title and author

Include a clearly written description of the process of how someone knows this thing and explaining the role of mathematics  inherent in the process of knowing it


  • *Effectively communicate both successes and limitations of mathematics as a way to know it – as well as giving appropriate examples of each
  • Acknowledge one’s assumptions about mathematics and make concessions to opposing views [with counter claims] in your written work
  • Utilize both visual and written media


Projects will also be evaluated as to their overall quality.  See Below


When selecting a topic, consider:

These are unambitious, basic: measurement, quantification, shape, number

These are more ambitious: ratio, percentage, rate of change, alteration, single-variable process

These are closer to the ideal: multiple-point comparison, complexity, function, purpose, utility

But for a truly challenging topic, consider: uncertainty, chance, choice, chaos, and/or…


Cover        /10 Visual            /20 ¶ expl   /5 Written expl.           /40 Quality         /30
3 utilizes math and introduces the subject

2 labels used


3  consistent   w/mt


2 pts creativity


6pts complexity    shown

5pts Mathematical   explanation furthers the thesis

5pts clarity   &

Consistent   w/MT

4pts creative/quality

2 expos. explains vis.


2 pts logic/arg


1 pt conventions

20pts Logical argument in Expos format*

  •   Strong, clear, concise   thesis
  •   Commentary   clarifies & links support to Main Thesis

10pts Example enhances discussion

  •   Support builds   argument

2 pts Links to visual clarified

8pts counter-arguments included

and   addressed effectively


Topic is ambitious and goes beyond basic.  It successfully and thoughtfully   considers  a real concept while dealing   with complex ideas like:

  •   Uncertainty
  •   Chance
  •   Choice
  •   Chaos



Format/length followed

No conventions errors

Transitions included

Layout helps reader

  •   Visual on pages   2 or 3

Polished presentation

5+  hours   effort invested

IF you can convey, mathematically, your understanding of the complexity of this dynamic thing you’ve chosen, then do it.  Choosing an ambitious topic will be rewarded in the quality category.

In class on Friday…

Please bring your laptop if you have one. We will have 22 computers available.  Here is your task for the time we will spend in-class.  [DECA competitors have until Sunday evening to accomplish the task.]

Today, your task is to take what you’ve thought about during the mathematics unit and to synthesize your thoughts into a reaction to the following assertions.

  “Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge.  Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding.”  To what extent do you agree with these assertions?

Hint:  In your response, do discuss mathematics, but also include a discussion of pattern in another area of knowledge as a way to increase the depth of your exploration.

Today, the expectation is that you can produce an expository response of more than 1,000 words in an insightful effort to address to the prompt.  Your productivity today will be measured and entered into your semester grade as a daily assignment.

Students should submit their work on

Class number 5958796  and password “spartan”

If, for whatever reason, the computers don’t work, write the response by hand and submit it in class.