TOK for Tuesday, October 2nd – Why does metaphor matter?

Students – I’m going to be out on Tuesday.  Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Ideally, the sub should have already logged on to the computer in the classroom.  Given that my Spanish classes are in the computer lab, the sub may not be at class right as the bell rings and it’s possible that they haven’t set up.  Help them log in and go to this blog [now there’s a paradox…]
  • Begin class as we would normally, with something to write on and your journal [and research] nearby.
  • Then, watch the brief TED talk about the role of metaphor in knowing.  Some of it will be review, other parts will make you think.  Write down your thoughts as you listen.  In addition, recognize that there are some intriguing ideas introduced.   Try to track the new ideas as they’re shared.  A good general theme to follow is “Why does metaphor matter?
  • Then, have a large-group conversation about metaphor.  Dare to share what you think.  Listen more than you speak.  Challenge yourself to document insights your peers share.  Work through the difficulties of communal facilitation.  Try to avoid needing a conch.
  • Write down the things that inspired your thought.  Impress yourself.  And do so in a way that doesn’t need someone to notice it.  I look forward to hearing how it went.
  • As you head out, write down your thoughts in a freewrite regarding the following question: What can be known independent of language?


  • As an fyi…Here’s what I left the sub:
Periods 2 & 3
Please log in to the computer in 2117.  Please go to my blog – and I will update the lesson plan for you tonight [and the kids should see it there as well].  The basic gist of the day will go as follows:
–        Watch a brief ‘TED’ talk found at It will be linked from the blog.
–        Allow students to self-facilitate a conversation on the topic.  Try to see if they can handle it without you even trying to facilitate it… [it’s a test for them].
End class with this prompt: What can be known independent of language?
Encourage them to use examples in order to explain themselves in writing.
Thanks for your help.

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