an exploration of language…

This week we’ve been working on understanding language.  We’ve interviewed others about the influence of language, considered the nature of time, discussed the ways that our understanding of time is influenced by idiomatic phrases in our language, and read from Lakoff and Johnson’s work Philosophy in the Flesh and considered their thoughts about conceptual metaphors.  Here is an excerpt from a different source they have written – Metaphors We Live By.

Your homework over the weekend is to do some independent research about a topic introduced in today’s reading by Piero Scaruffi.  The onlilne text of the handout can be found here.  In addition, you need to learn about Chomsky’s Universal Grammar.


In case you missed class today, 9/21/12…

I missed you.  We continued with our conversations in both 2nd and 3rd periods about the idea of ‘beauty.’   Although the day was brief, I was intrigued by both the ideas that were shared and the examples of beauty that were discussed.  The suggested homework was to find an example that would further one’s explanation/understanding of beauty… it could be an example of something beautiful, an example of something un-beautiful, or merely something that inspires you to think of one facet of beauty.  Please include the thing you find in your journal.

Have a great weekend.